I am a north Wales artist born and living in the hills of Snowdonia. I attended Liverpool Art College in the early 1970's and now dedicate my time fully to painting and drawing.

Painting: My primary source of inspiration for painting is the landscape around me. I work instinctively and loosely to start just feeling the paint and mark making. This is done with no reference in mind. When several layers have been applied a landscape will begin to emerge which I can then work on in a more controlled and measured way until the final painting comes to life. I live in Snowdonia so the images of the landscape that surrounds me live in my subconscious mind, I believe these find their way to the surface through the process of painting.

The result is a semi abstract painting using a variety of colours, textures and marks contrasting with solid and glazed areas. The paint is often sanded down to reveal what is underneath whilst other areas are painted over. This layering of paint brings a richness to the painting.

I see a landscape, you may just see shapes but the painting will give everyone something different, I just hope you as the viewer like what you see.

Figurative: The human form provides huge challenges of proportion, form, tone and conveying the solidity of the body in its space. For this work I use coloured pencils layering the colours in an energetic manner building up the image as I go. The white paper is used to create areas of light and a build up of colour to create shape and form. I am fascinated by colour in and on the skin, how it absorbs and reflects the colour around it. Finding this colour and portraying it is the driver for my drawing.